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Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with the Picture-perfect Delicacies at Hotel Royal Macau’s FADO Portuguese Restaurant

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[January 29, 2019, Macau] Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festivals in town.  Many people like to post photos of festive dishes on social media along with their greetings and blessings to friends. Instead of the traditional Chinese cuisine, have you thought of having unique postings of Portuguese dishes which are equally auspicious and delicious? The award-winning Portuguese restaurant at Hotel Royal Macau, FADO, has prepared a host of mouth-watering delicacies to provide a picture-perfect opportunity for guests to welcome the Year of the Pig in style. No holiday surcharge will be applied!


Recommendation for Instagrammable CNY dishes


Appetizer - Crab bread stew with octopus carpaccio and bell peppers (MOP 180)

Meant to bring luck and opportunities in the New Year, the octopus legs in this dish are finely cut and served with premium olive oil and the Chef’s secret seasonings. Complemented with the crab meat marinated in onion, olive oil and red pepper, this dish will immediately spice up everyone’s mood into the celebration.


Appetizer - The Alheira sausage on a crispy shell with turnip green pudding (MOP 110)

Regarded as “the king of Portuguese sausage”, Alheira, is wrapped with crispy layers of golden puff pastry. It is served with turnip green pudding that reminds us about the fresh aroma of fresh produce in a farm.  It is a celebration of spring and abundance!


Main - Roasted suckling pig with potato chips and orange salad (MOP 180)

A perfectly instagrammable dish to celebrate the Year of the Pig! The boneless suckling pig is seasoned with black pepper, herbs, salt and then pressed in rectangular shape to roast until crispy, aromatic and tender!


Main - Cod with egg and angel hair fried potatoes “à Brás” (MOP 180)

A special gueridon service is arranged for the preparation of this dish. The Chef will fry the cod fish, onion, egg and potatoes in front of the guests. Such entertaining and photo-perfect process is also meant to bring good luck and prosperity in this special time of the year.


Main - Grouper with corn stew with shrimp, smoked sausage and coriander (MOP 200)

In Chinese New Year celebrations, fish symbolizes “surplus” because of the similarity in their pronunciation. This highly recommended dish possesses the lucky meaning that everyone welcomes, and also a wealth of flavours from Portuguese corn stew, lobster bisque, coriander, garlic and olive oil that are used to cook the grouper and shrimp.



If you are planning to invite your beloved family for an unconventional, picture-perfect Portuguese feast during the Chinese New Year, please call FADO on (853) 2855 2222 ext. 142 now. NO FESTIVE SURCHARGE will be applied.


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