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Lunar New Year’s Invitation At Catalpa Garden

Catalpa Garden  |  Festival

1-22 February 2016

During the Lunar New Year, Catalpa Garden is featuring a host of authentic Shanghainese cuisine with pleasant surprises for you to celebrate with your family and friends. Recommended dishes include the ever-popular Mandarin Fish with Pine Nuts in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Spareribs in Sweet Vinegar Sauce, Chinese Honey Ham Wrapped, and Braised Sliced Abalone and Beche-de-mer with Oyster sauce. You can also try the locals' favourites such as Steamed Black Glutinous Rice with Mashed Red Bean and Steamed Shanghai Minced Pork Dumplings. If you prefer an intimate gathering, the restaurant's private dining rooms are your perfect choice for a delightful gathering.

Shanghai Poon Choi

Poon Choi is a traditional Chinese dish served at special ceremonies and celebrations. Long considered a representation of prosperity, the dish is made of layer upon layer of ingredients, starting with vegetables and building up to the most tender cuts of meats and premium sea foods. Our special Shanghai Poon Choi not only includes some precious items such as fish maw, sea cucumber, abalones and scallops, but also features Shanghainese cuisine such as duck tongue, shrimp, smoked fish and salty chicken. Take-away service is also available, allowing you to enjoy this special delicacy at your home or office.

For reservations, please call +853 2855 2222.

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