An Innovative Twist of FADO Portuguese X Kubota Sake Pairing Dinner


25 November, 2016

Hotel Royal Macau together with Asahi Shuzo have jointly hosted an exclusive FADO Portuguese X Kubota Sake Pairing Dinner on Nov 24th, 2016 with the presence of Japanese Sake brewers - Mr. Masamichi Sanjo and Mr. Yosuke Nishiyama. The event offered about 50 attended guests with a wonderful dining experience.

During the event, Luís Américo, Executive Chef of FADO showcased his culinary skills with a 5-course sumptuous dinner, paired with 5 remarkable selections of Kubota Sakes, first time to host sake pairing in FADO. Guests were surprised by the innovation and creativity on a vibrant East-meets-West blend of Portuguese cuisines and Japanese Sake. The guests were amazed on how Portuguese cuisine matches so well with Sake. 

Highlights included refreshing Portuguese Style Cod Sashimi with Cold Tomato Soup, Olive Oil and Parsley paired with limited seasonal Kubota Suiju Daiginjyo Nama Sake, Grilled Octopus with Roasted Red Bell-pepper Mayo and Lightly Smoked Artichokes paired with Kubota's flagship, a premium Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo, and Re-shaped Portuguese Egg Tart with Fresh Strawberries and Basil paired with fruity Asahiyama Nomune Yuzu Sparkling. Lucky draw was offered at the end and all the guest enjoyed a memorable night at Hotel Royal.

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Photo CaptionFood and atmosphere of the event

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