A Fantastic Manrei & Nogomi Traditional Handmade Sake Pairing Dinner


18 November, 2016

Hotel Royal Macau together with Komatsu Syuzou and Baba Syuzou have proudly presented an exclusive Manrei & Nogomi Sake Pairing Dinner at Victoria Room on Nov 17th, 2016. We were delighted to invite Mr. Komatsu and Mr. Baba, Director and Sake Brewer of Komatsu Syuzou and Baba Syuzou to introduce the sake handmade brewing process and the charm of the brewery's premium sakes which appearing for the first time in Macau. The event offered more than 50 attended guests with an amazing dining experience.

The 8-course menu was prepared by our Catalpa Garden chefs, matching with selected Manrei & Nogomi Sake. Highlights include Marinated Shrimp with Huadiao Wine, Spareribs in Sweet Vinegar Sauce, Deep Fried Bean Curd Sheet filled with Vegetables, Tea Leaf Smoked Egg paired with award-winning Manrei Daiginjo, Double-boiled Egg with River Shrimp paired with Nogomi Junmaidaiginjo, and finishing the meal with Deep-fried Sesame Sticky Rice Ball paired with Manrei Junmaiginjo “Nozomi”(served warm). During the dinner, lucky draw was offered and all the guest enjoyed a memorable night in Hotel Royal.

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Food and atmosphere of the event

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