Hotel Royal Macau’s Catalpa Garden Brings You A Taste of Traditional Huzhou Cuisine


25 November, 2019

Huzhou, also known as the “Pearl of the Lake Taihu”, has earned a reputation for its rich natural resources and profound culture. It is also a place famous for its sumptuous variety of delicacies! Huzhou cuisine is characterized by its long history, exquisite ingredients, fine techniques, freshness and elegance. Catalpa Garden of Hotel Royal Macau is pleased to present  a “Traditional Huzhou Cuisine”, by Master Chef Shi Zheng from Huzhou during December 4-31 2019. Gourmands in town can enjoy a golden opportunity to taste the Huzhou cuisine at its finest!


The menu starts with an appealing combination four signature appetizers, namely Sliced Mutton Terrine, Smoked Fish, Braised Winter Bamboo Shoots and Sautéed Shrimps in Soy Sauce. The first main dish Fish Balls is a classic dish in Huzhou. Snowy white, aromatic and soft, these fish balls are believed to help promote health and warm the stomach. This dish is also considered a must in local celebration banquets which symbolizes togetherness and fortune.


Huzhou is a river city and is home to a variety of seafood. Fried with mushrooms, ham and many different ingredients, Old Hanzhou Style Shrimps is one of the signature seafood dishes of this city.  The nutrient-dense Braised Superior Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe is another classic dish often appeared in many luxury banquets. The historically renowned Mandarin Fish Fillets with Pine Nuts can be dated back to the reign of Qianlong Emperor (1735 – 1796). This was started as a royal dish before it was spread to the general public. It has been modified many times before today’s version which is well loved by many people.


The menu also includes a few dishes that require delicate skills and cooking techniques. Huzhou Thousand-layer Bun has been popular in the central China region since 1878. Each triangular-shaped bun is made of many layers of beancurd, ground pork, dried scallops and dried shrimps. Sautéed Lamb with Scallion served with Steamed Roll is a nurturing dish which helps keep the body warm and promotes blood circulation. Seasoned with a host of spices and red rock sugar, the smell of the lamb is reduced while its unique gamy flavor is remained. Follow the locals to serve this dish with scallion and steamed roll, you will feel like being in Huzhou! Chewy on the outside and juicy inside, Steamed Green Rice Balls are filled with a fresh selection of pork meat and bamboo shoots that evokes a harmonious mix of various aroma. Home-style Salted Pork with Vegetable Rice beautifully blends the tastes of salted pork, choy sum and rice together and demonstrates the unique flavor Jiangnan cuisine. Colourful, aromatic and absolutely delicious!


The menu ends on a sweet note with the authentic Huzhou-style dessert Deep Fried Souffe Ball with Mashed Red Bean.


The “Traditional Huzhou Cuisine Set Menu” is priced at MOP 338 per person(minimum 4 person)and a series of A-La-Carte dishes . The promotion is from December 4 through December 31, 2019 at Catalpa Garden of Hotel Royal Macau. For enquiries or reservations, please call Catalpa Garden on (853) 2855 2222 ext 189.


Traditional Huzhou Cuisine Promotion

Promotion period: December 4-31, 2019

Reservations enquiries: (853)2855 2222 ext. 189

Address: 2/F, Hotel Royal Macau, Estrada Da Vitoria 2-4, Macau



Wechat: macauhotelroyal 

Traditional Huzhou Cuisine

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