Welcome the Year of the Rat at Hotel Royal’s Catalpa Garden with “Shanghainese Treasure Pot” and “Chinese New Year Set Menus”


04 January, 2020

Chinese New Year is already around the corner! That also means a host of delicious delicacies await! Catalpa Garden of Hotel Royal Macau invites guests to celebrate the Year of the Rat with its unique Shanghainese festive flavours, the “Shanghainese Treasure Pot” and “Chinese New Year Set Menus” available from 10 January through 9 February 2020. All dishes are made with fresh, premium ingredients and designed with auspicious meanings with a hope to bring our guests and their loved ones a wonderful Lunar New Year celebration!


Shanghainese Treasure Pot (Poon Choi)

Ideal as gifts or centerpiece for family reunion, “Poon Choi” is almost a must in all spring festival feasts which symbolizes togetherness, abundance and fortune. In addition to the typical components of Cantonese Poon Choi, Catalpa Garden’s signature “Shanghainese Treasure Pot” also includes a wealth of signature Shanghainese ingredients which bring the taste to another level. In one single pot, you will find 18 ingredients including the premium Deluxe Whole Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Dried Conpoy; as well as some Shanghainese signature food like Jinhua Han, Smoked Fish, Beef Shank, Pork Knuckle and Duck Tongue; also this year’s special Qian Zhang Bun; together with Shrimps, Mushrooms and many more. All serve along with the sauce braised over hours. Shanghainese Treasure Pot is definitely a mouth-watering, joy-filled dish for everyone!


Priced at MOP1,500 for 6 persons or MOP2,680 for 12 persons, the Shanghainese Treasure Pot is available for takeout or dine in (subject to a 10% service charge for dine in).


Chinese New Year Set Menus

Feast your way to a guzzling golden Year of the Rat with your loved ones! At Catalpa Garden from 10 January through 9 February 2020, guests can indulge and celebrate with four heartily designed set menus of auspicious Shanghainese favourites. These include the popular appetizers Smoked Fish, Marinated Chicken with Huadiao Wine and Braised Gluten with Fungus, followed by some delicious hot dishes like Sliced Jinhua Ham Steamed in Honey Sauce, Steamed Codfish Fillet with Snow Cabbage and Fried Prawn with Spicy Sauce. To wrap up this festive meal, guests can also enjoy the heart-warming Steamed Shanghai Minced Pork Dumplings or Rice Ball Dumplings Stuffed with Mashed Black Sesame and Mashed Red Bean in Sweet Rice Wine Soup.


A complimentary Fresh Fruit Platter will be included for each set menu priced at either MOP2,350 for 6 persons, MOP2,880 for 8 persons or MOP3,800 for 10 persons (subject to a 10% service charge). Each set includes a complimentary fruit platter.



“Shanghainese Treasure Pot” and “Chinese New Year Set Menus” at Catalpa Garden

Date: 10 January – 9 February 2020

Price: Shanghainese Treasure Pot

           - MOP1,500 / 6 pax or MOP2,680 / 12 pax

           Chinese New Year Set Menus

          - MOP2,350 / 6 pax, MOP2,880 / 8 pax or MOP3,800 / 10 pax

Reservations: (853) 2855 2222 ext. 189

Address:                      2/F, Hotel Royal Macau, Estrada Da Vitoria 2-4, Macau

Website:                      www.hotelroyal.com.mo

Facebook:                    www.facebook.com/hotelroyalmo

Wechat:                       macauhotelroyal


*All prices are subject to a 10% service charge for dine in



Highlight dishes of Catalpa Garden’s “Shanghainese Treasure Pot (Poon Choi)” and “Chinese New Year Set Menus” 

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